Patient Forms

All New Patients

Thank you for choosing Behavioral Health Associates (BHA) as your provider for your mental health care. To help save time during your initial visit, we have made our initial paperwork available online. New Patient Forms must be completed before you are seen for your first visit. You may complete this at home and bring with you to your first visit, or come in 30 minutes early and we will provide you with a copy.

You will need to print the following and bring these with you to your first visit.  Please review the following links:

1. You will complete and return this packet to the front desk upon arrival. 

Download New Patient Registration Forms Now

2.  You will complete and return these two packets directly to your healthcare professional at BHA.  Some of the topics listed here can be considered "triggers" for certain populations.  If at any point you feel uncomfortable answering a certain question, please make a note that you wish to discuss in person and move on to the next question.  

Download Patient History Form Now

Download Rating Scales Now

3.  This packet includes office policies, privacy practices and contact information.  You do not need to bring this to the office.  This is strictly for your records. 

If there are any changes to this document, we will update the copy here and also in our office for your review. We will update this as required by state and/or federal law changes.
Download HIPAA Privacy Policies Now


As Needed:  If you want your clinician to be able to communicate with anyone other than yourself regarding your treatment, you must put this in writing. This includes family members, friends, other health care professionals, attorneys, etc. Please complete this form and specify what information may be released.
Download General HIPAA Authorization to Release Information

Download HIPAA Authorization to Release Information for Primary Care Physicians



Dr. Solomon’s Exisiting Patients

Please complete this form and bring it with you to your visit.

Download Patients of Dr. Solomon Form